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About the company

“SPl|RAS Hi Tech Research and Development Office Ltd” was established in 2005. The objectives of company are to conduct research and development in the field of high technology and implement their results for a wide range of consumers. 

SPIIRAS - HTR&DO Ltd works to develop software and hardware and software complexes for space-distributed military and related management systems, update digital mapping data sets for geo-information systems of various purposes, and develop and fill databases for electronic mapping systems of complex software and information systems and software and hardware systems focused on real-time information processing.


Completed projects



Possibilities of the SPIIRAS

Scientific research


Performing scientific research, applied and experimental developments in the field of informatics and automation, management methods and new information technologies to solve current scientific, technical and socio-economic problems.

information systems


Development and support of information systems and networks of government bodies, diagnostic and expert systems, systems for scientific research, design and management systems, data processing processes, information support, consulting.



Creation of information technologies, system integration, web design, development of multimedia applications, e-commerce and marketing, offshore (custom) programming, creation of information resources on the Internet.

Аппаратно-программные комплексы


hardware and software

Process Modeling


Development of models and methods for research of information processes in complex (socio-, eco-, bio-, geosystems, etc.) systems.


Participation in scientific programs

Participation in the implementation of federal and regional scientific programs and projects, in the development of scientific forecasts and the conduct of scientific and technical examinations.

Technologies for research automation systems


Building information technologies for intelligent systems for automation of scientific research, management, production and other areas of activity.

Creating Information Resources


Creation of information resources of various levels (federal, departmental, corporate, enterprise resources)

Individual Software

Development of customized software and provision of other informatics services:
modification and configuration of the ready-made software in relation to the customer's needs when creating information systems and networks;
system analysis and consulting on selection of ready-made software; provision of software implementation and maintenance services;
provision of software implementation and maintenance services;
development of database software;
provision of other software-related services.


Database Design


Design of databases (development of concepts, structure, composition of databases).

Implementation of databases


Creation and maintenance of databases, including data collection from one or more sources, as well as data entry, verification and updating.

Administration of databases


Administer databases, including enabling direct or telecommunication access to the database.

data handling


Search for data, select it and sort it according to requests, provide the selected data to users, including in direct access mode.

Development of information systems


Development, development and implementation of information systems and software

Testing of systems


Testing of technical and software systems.

Work with information constituting state secrets


Performance of works related to the use of information constituting state secrets and provision of services for the protection of state secrets

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