The decision support complex

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The decision support complex

The decision support software and hardware complex is designed to automate the management activities of the Organization by introducing common methods and technologies of the Organization's work and forming a distributed network of Situation Decision Support Centers based on the installation of components of the SoC PMR in the central, regional and local management bodies of the Organization.

  • Creation of a single information and management space of the Organization with the possibility of organizing collective management activities in real time
  • Information exchange in the network of distributed situation centers for decision support through electronic document management, videoconferencing, IP-telephony

Conducting distributed calculation and analytical procedures and simulation modeling in advance planning and crisis management

Information interaction with other systems of the Developer, as well as with the automated systems of the Organization

  • Provision of management of forces, means and resources, including support for the development of long- and medium-term decisions, plans, orders, directives and other documents, as well as documents of operational management and crisis response
  • Maintaining, documenting and displaying data on the composition, state and position of forces and resources, including monitoring the implementation of intermodal transportation with the movement of goods by various modes of transport
  • Situation assessment based on information interaction with external systems in the area of responsibility, covering various physical environments
  • Other tasks as agreed with the Customer to ensure the functional activities of the Organization.
  • Identification of emergency and crisis situations, illegal actions in controlled spaces, notification of responsible persons, provision of preparation of materials on situational management for decision-makers
  • Automated preparation and submission of messages (reports) in accordance with the specified rules of information exchange
  • Automated reception (transmission) from sources (collection), processing, generalization and analysis of situation data, display and distribution of information in accordance with the specified regulations
  • Identification of signs of especially dangerous natural phenomena, notification of the population of the region about them, support for decision-making for evacuation, delivery of humanitarian aid
  • AWP of the general manager
  • AWP of the executive manager
  • AWP for the head of the functional area of the Organization (the number of functional AWPs is agreed with the Customer)
  • AWS for monitoring the situation
  • Analyst workstation (the number of functional workstation is agreed with the Customer)
  • AWS for external relations management
  • AWP for control of reports
  • AWS for document management
  • AWS for network administration and information security
  • Server equipment
  • Data storage equipment
  • Shared screens
  • Communication equipment
  • Documentation equipment
  • Information protection and security system

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