Software complex "ONTOMAP-V2"

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About "ONTOMAP-V2"

The software and hardware complex "ONTOMAP-V2" is designed for hydroacoustic calculations, simulation of the acoustic field for two-dimensional inhomogeneous medium conditions, assessment of anisotropic dynamic noise of the sea and reverberation interference, assessment of range of hydroacoustic means, formation and maintenance of the situation according to their data. The purpose of using the "ONTOMAP-V2" software complex in the Navy is to increase the efficiency of monitoring the underwater situation by hydroacoustic means of ships, submarines, helicopters and anti-submarine aircraft, anti-submarine observation centers and the use of marine underwater weapons.

  • Determination of the range and configuration of observation areas of hydroacoustic devices with various types of antennas in any frequency range.
  • Optimization of spatial placement and operating modes of positional hydroacoustic devices.
  • Optimization of the construction of search lines of naval anti-submarine search and strike groups and operating modes of hydroacoustic means, as well as detection of surface ships by submarines.
  • Monitoring the tactical underwater situation, tactical calculations, issuing and displaying data in order to manage search actions.
  • Optimization of the maneuvering of ships and submarines when tracking underwater and surface objects;
  • Determination of the configuration of observation zones and range of passive and active hydroacoustic means with cylindrical, spherical, flat, as well as flexible extended antennas in would-be, low sound and sound frequency bands in specified combat areas.
  • Monitoring of tactical underwater situation and tactical calculations, issuance and its display in order to provide command of data for making a decision on control of search forces.
  • Optimization of tactical maneuvering of surface ships and submarines in tracking submarine and surface targets.
  • Optimization of structures and modes of operation of hydroacoustic means of ship’s anti-submarine search and strike groups for efficient search of submarines, as well as detection of surface ships by submarines in coastal, sea and ocean zones.
  • Optimization of nomenclature, spatial location and modes of operation of stationary hydroacoustic facilities for reliable monitoring of surface and underwater conditions in a given sea area.


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