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About "ONTOMAP-V1"

The program complex "ONTOMAP-V1" is designed for practical training in making informed decisions and planning the actions of naval formations in the performance of combat missions and theoretical training of Navy personnel. The operational-tactical simulator is designed for training and practical training of commanders (commanders) and officers of the military command and control bodies of the operational-strategic, operational, operational-tactical levels of the Navy for making informed decisions, developing planning documents, organizing support and interaction in the preparation and conduct of operations (military operations) in everyday posts and training centers.

  • Operational training of the command and staff of the headquarters of the Navy.
  • Preparation of the headquarters of temporary operational formations (groupings).
  • Training of officers of academies, naval educational institutions.
  • Research in the construction, development and use of the Navy.
  • Modeling and imitation of the functioning of military command and control bodies of the operational-strategic, operational and operational-tactical levels and actions of groupings of their forces (troops) and enemy forces.
  • Modeling the hydrological, meteorological and radar state of the environment and simulating changes in the situation.
  • Conducting operational calculations in order to substantiate decisions and study the effectiveness of the operational (combat) use of forces (troops), means and weapons of the Navy.
  • Preparation and formation of documents of plans of operations (combat actions), plans of training events, analysis and assessment of the actions of participants, preparation of final materials for analysis.
  • Adequately simulate the course and outcome of an armed struggle on a single scale of space and time in accordance with a change in the situation, the actual actions of real troops (forces) and means of armed struggle.
  • To instill in command and control bodies practical skills in the performance of official duties in the control of forces in any conditions of an operational and combat situation (including which it is not possible to work out in a real situation).
  • Significantly reduces the time of preparation and planning of operations (combat actions) for the existing, predicted and mobilized composition of forces with advance preparation, during a threatened period and in the course of hostilities.
  • To save the technical resource of ships and weapons and military equipment and material resources (fuels and lubricants, ammunition).
  • To reduce the time spent on organizing and conducting training events, and to increase the efficiency and quality of training for military command and control bodies.

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