Meteorological complex sensor

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Meteorological complex sensor

Meteorological integrated sensor (MID) is designed to measure, process and output data on atmospheric parameters Pressure, humidity and temperature, as well as data transmission via a wired and wireless link using the Modbus RTU protocol. The sensor is powered by an electrical network or a domestic battery. The necessary number of meteorological complex sensors can be combined into a meteorological garland using a connecting cable-cable to obtain vertical profiles of meteorological parameters depending on the required height.

Комплектации метеорологического комплексного датчика:
  • Одиночный МКД
  • Гирлянда МКД
  • Гирлянда МКД с измерителем скорости и направления ветра

Technical characteristics

5 V

Supply voltage

± 0.5°С (при 25°С)

Absolute error


Humidity sensor resolution

< 15 мА

Consumption current

30..110 кПа

Pressure measurement range

± 3%

Absolute error


Data transfer interface

1 Па

Resolution of pressure sensor


Absolute error

- 40.. + 85°С

Temperature measurement range

± 100 Па

Absolute error 0...65°С

Stainless steel

Body material


Разрешение датчика температуры


Humidity measurement range


Sensor Calibration Mode

Complete sets

Meteorological complex sensor has three main components

Single meteorological complex sensor

Garland of meteorological complex sensors

MKD garland with wind speed and direction meter

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